House hold
30 minutes of house cleaning

Such as Dishes,vaccum,sweap floors,laundry,refrigerator cleaning
house cleaning
house cleaning only avaible in usa area codes 44030 and 44004
Organizing of 1 room
up to 1 hour of time but minium of 20 minutes. no furniture moving or heavy lifting. Such as bathroom,kitchen,bed room

Printed Crafts
50 printed hand made stickers
Such as cats,kittens,dogs,puppies,miscellaneous, others not listed suggest upon ordering. anything no nudity

Crocheted Crafts
Scarf and hat set
Same colors and design. Scarf with or without fringe
Baby Blanket
Normally big enough to swaddle new born baby in. others please contact me for different prices for different sizes. granny square(2 variation) or stripped versions avaible to create at this time

Job Related
Resumes 1-3 pages completely professionally done with resume' program.
can be saved for your convience in .pdf format.
$45.00 usd Buy Now with Stripe

Open Hours

Holiday Hours
None at this time

I offer payment plans or retired,disabled,veteran discounts Need help call 440-553-2343 or email me
See Also Agreements

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