Legal like Agreements
Customized Agreements Always

Sale of Property - such as Automobile,motorcycle,boats
185.00 usd
Rental of Property - such as House,apartment,garage,pools with equipment
Rental of Property - such as tools,automobile,truck,vacuum cleaners,carpet shampoo machine
50.00 usd
Rental medical equipment insurance does not cover
Sale of Business - with or with out inventory,online businesses,business land and/or building
200.00 usd - online business with out physical property or inventory
3000.00 usd - online business with physical property,inventory,building,domain name

Resignment Letter formal written notice to quit employment..needs to be 2 weeks before final quit date
$250.00 usd
Hiring an independent Contractor
285.00 usd

I offer payment plans or retired,disabled,veteran discounts
I Not A legal secretary or a lawyer. All Agreements can uphold law and court.
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